March 26, 2013

How to Play Stock?

          People today are somewhat more intelligent investing. Both the long and short term, to support them in old age later. There are comfortable investing in gold, property, and even stocks.

For beginners who want to invest in the stock play, certainly do not know what steps to take to start playing the stock. How to play a safe stock. Shares is the unit value or books in a variety of financial instruments which refers to the ownership of a company.

By issuing shares, allows companies that require long-term financing to sell interests in the business, the stock (equity), in exchange for cash. This is the primary method for businesses to raise capital other than issuing bonds. Shares sold through the primary market or the secondary market.

According to Marketing Director Paula Rianty Ciptadana Asset Management Komarudin, when someone is going to play the stock, it must have three things. First of adequate funding, adequate time and sufficient knowledge about the stock.

"The funds are sufficient for buying a lot of shares are not cheap. Enough time because we had to ngawasin and analyze a variety of stocks. Whilst considerable knowledge means, let us not stuck playing time shares, we should understand what stocks have the potential to continue to rise.

As an illustration, quoted from Wikipedia, there are several types of stock, including common stock and preferred stock. Preferred stock usually referred to as mixed stock because it has characteristics similar to ordinary shares. Usually the common stock has only one kind but in some cases there is more than one, depending on the needs of the company.

Then, the common stock has several types, such as class A, class B, class C, and others. Each class with the advantages and disadvantages of their own letters and symbols have no meaning nothing.

Buying Stocks

Furthermore, in order to become an investor in the stock exchange, one must be a customer of a company's securities.
Then they will be given a form customers. Fill in the data correctly and also submit a copy of valid identification cards. Transfer of funds as initial deposit to the account specified broker (broker determines each deposit varies).

If still in doubt, can ask the company's securities brokers about what stocks are suitable. The amount of investment depends on the selected stock prices. Then send us a number of investment fund shares, the company's securities account number.

Record the number of call centers securities firms, is pointless if at any time they want to sell the stock at the price specified, it can immediately sell a call for action. After that, the company's securities will menransfer your money to the account number, and the corresponding bank account number listed when filling out forms.

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