March 5, 2013

How To Improve Your Business Profit

First, do not always look at the business was synonymous with money or a big business profits. If that's the only reason you are running a business, chances are you will not succeed. Why? Because most likely, months or years you first start a business, you will spend more money.

Second, I suggest that a journey begins with a step, and start with small steps. Business profits were not just material, but can also non-material such as experience, knowledge and even personal satisfaction.

Third, you should know that one of the habits of smart consumers are "buying in bulk" at first. They tend to try to make a purchase. It is precisely by refusing to small consumers before, he had lost his "database" consumers. Never underestimate any of your sales results, although small.

Customer database is what you need. Indeed at first, but after that business profits, you can use 2 ways to increase your business profits. You do this by:
1. Up Sell
You offer a version of your product or service better. For example, you sell small capacity egg incubator. Once consumers had bought the machine, he must have felt the benefits of your product. A few months later, provide attractive deals back with a higher version. You can say, "Sir, there is a capacity incubator egg more, more power efficient, and also more capacity. When calculated, the fall pack at lower prices.

2. Cross Sell
You offer more than a consumer looking for. Who of you have ever eaten at fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC or Texas Chicken? All three had the franchise mainstay stance, ie cross sell, offer other products after consumers buy certain products.
You want to know what kind of example cross sell them? Well, if you just buy fried chicken alone, quickly servant will offer you "potatoes sir? '. Then he offered another "Ice cream's not all, sir?" Then you are offered another "soup pack? Warm you know ... ".
And incredibly, according to the market survey, the percentage of the success of this technique offers such as 70 to 80%. And the cost should you spend, gartis! if you went along with the sale of a small rejected before, how much more should you additional turnover off because you do not take a small order last? The point is, you never underestimate the consumers who buy a little or you can benefit small businesses. The important thing you have to know how to increase consumer purchases of your sales proceeds.

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