March 1, 2013

Culinary Opportunity Burger

Before we discuss further we also need to know what that burger?

All I know Burger is a fast food type that is generally made from ground beef, beef round flat. Meat is usually fried or baked before being served with a thick round bread, cheese, lettuce, sliced ​​onions, sliced ​​tomatoes, and sliced ​​cucumbers. As a complement, add mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup or chili sauce.

Burger came from the European continent. This culinary enthusiasts mostly young people, who are almost always interested in different things that smell West - including food. Therefore, opening a burger shop or cafe can be a very profitable business choice.

It should be prepared:

Raw Materials
The main raw material for making meatloaf and burger is the bread. Now, in addition to beef, lots of businesses innovating by making burger burger of chicken meat, even tofu and veggie burgers as a variation. The meat used is lean meat. If you want practical, you can buy various types of meat burger fast food on the market. However, if you want to put quality and taste, you should make your own burger meat.
Bread to make a burger has its own characteristics, which are round and can be divided into two parts. The bread was nice to make the burgers are thick but still soft and tender. Generally, special for bread, burger entrepreneurs do not make it yourself, but buy it in the market or directly from the manufacturer. If you have more production money, and you want to make your own bread so the burgers will have a different flavor than the other burger-burger.

Business Location
Alternative business location is in front of the mini-burger. Typically, the minimarket himself offered cooperation for culinary entrepreneurs to start a business on a small scale before minimarketnya. As part of the deal, the culinary entrepreneurs have to pay rent. In addition, the location in front of the shops, around the shopping center, as well as in schools and colleges are some of the strategic location for the burger business. Moreover, most consumers burger is indeed among young people who spend more time in schools, colleges, and shopping centers.

Business Supplies
Standard equipment that you must have before starting a business burger, among other carts for storing raw materials and other supplies. Cooking appliances such as cookers, non-stick frying pan and spatula, and plastic bottles and containers for a variety of vegetables and burger sauce.

Operation is quite simple burger business.
Therefore, everything you can do yourself. Alternatively, you can also entrust the business operations to an employee who had previously been given training. Pick employees who are skilled, honest, and friendly.

Besides putting up banners, you can also distribute brochures containing various attractive offers from your burger business. At the beginning of the business, such as how to promote this proven effective to introduce businesses to the many potential customers your burger. Keep in mind that customers do not just come for the burgers that are sold, sometimes people interested in coming by to see the uniqueness of the place of business. Therefore, the good as well if you modify your cart or storefront burger, for example, paint with bright colors or create a cart with a unique shape.

Price Burger
Pricing behavior will determine whether or not your burger. The price should be adjusted to the business location. If businesses stood neighborhood school or college, you should set the price not too high. Conversely, if the business is located in the shopping center or office, you can set a higher price.

Business Risks
The most commonly encountered risk burger business is the increase in raw material prices, the meat. To overcome this, buy meat directly from suppliers, and should you have more than one supplier. So, when the price is high at one supplier, you can come to another supplier offering a lower price.
In addition, the negative issues, such as the outbreak of cattle disease, anthrax, etc. can cause a decrease in the number of buyers. One way to cope is to guarantee that you are 100% made burgers healthy and free from diseases. This guarantee can you print on banners, brochures and menus.

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