March 8, 2013

How to Eliminate Fear Now Want to Start a Business

        Some time ago I had engaged in serious conversation with my college friends about starting a business. Incidentally her equally one's alma mater. At that position my friend was stopped working and would like to know how to start a business. Since the first friend of the college, I took him seriously for business, start a small business. After searching for some kind of business that prospect, finally I called my friend. Turns out my friend changed his mind and refused my offer business opportunity. The reason is that he has accepted to work in a private company in Jakarta.

Then I asked her, "her father said yesterday to start a business. What is not so? Why? ", Asked me strings attached. She replied, "I think he did not pack business talent. The person is not resilient. Not like you. "For our conversation on the phone and I was lazy to argue, I finally end. There is one thing that still jammed in my heart at the time, the words "I think he's not talent." It is true that the business is not for everyone. But he does not try, I thought. Well, not yet-not yet been pessimistic ahead. This is the fear almost everyone if they want to start a business, "no talent". Now you think, if a person is born as an entrepreneur or are they trained to become an entrepreneur?

If you look, ask if a person is born as an entrepreneur or trained to become an entrepreneur is something unreasonable. Would be the same if someone asked whether a person was born or educated employees to become employees. Or is there a sudden ask you, whether an employee is a talent? How do you react if someone asked a question like that? Surely you will feel weird right? People can be educated. They can be trained to be an employee or an entrepreneur. It is to start a business, it speeds up a person's aptitude for success.

I do not deny it. But that success is determined more by hard work. Success is 99% perspiration, 1% talent. It applies also to start a business. If it had there talent to the business, the business and investment does not mean it can not be learned. Talent can make a person great. But hard work and smart work can make a person good. Cause there are more employees than the entrepreneur is solely due to our schools to educate young people to become employees. They are not trained to start a business. That's why so many parents say to their children, "Go to school so you get a good job someday." Yes so? I believe yes. Have you ever heard a parent say to his son, "Go to school so that you became an entrepreneur"? Rarely, does not even exist!

One more scared if people want to jump start a new business, fear of failure. Afraid of his new business later destroyed. In fact, the causes of business failures can be learned.
Ok, I will explain to you. If you know tomorrow is your destiny to become a successful entrepreneur, what would you do? Surely you will lay down on the soft couch. No hurry to start a business. Why? Because you know that you will definitely succeed. Vice versa, if you know that tomorrow you will be a successful entrepreneur, what do you do?

Surely you will be lying, because you know that your destiny is an entrepreneur who failed. Failed in starting a business. That is the real wisdom no one knows what our future. So that we keep trying, do not despair and despondency. So, what is important is to live the process. Think positive always. Do not be afraid to fail. Nothing is instant in this world. All of a price. Be patient and focus. There was never a football athlete who suddenly successful. They need to practice for months or even years. Until now, I still had a lot of failures. But I continue to get up and try to fix my business. The spirit of my business continued to flare.

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