March 21, 2013

Grilled chicken business

Much-loved grilled chicken. However, most people prefer to buy rather than make their own food. The reason, did not want to bother or because they do not have the grills. These conditions provide an opportunity for those who want to open businesses grilled chicken.

Grilled chicken consists of several types. Among other butter roasted chicken, grilled chicken rica-rica, Taliwang grilled chicken, and grilled chicken Paniki. One of the well-known and widely sold on the roadside using a cart is grilled chicken. In order to have an edge, make sure the fuel is sold chickens characterized, especially spices and sauces

- Location of Business

Grilled chicken business location should be easily visible and many vehicles passed and has adequate parking. For example, in the big roadside food vendors and many others.
Make sure no one has to trade grilled chicken around the site to be occupied. Usually there is an unwritten rule among traders not to trade at a nearby location. This is to prevent unfair competition as consumers scramble.
- Business Equipment and Employees
Business equipment required to trade grilled chicken among other carts or storefront, grills, and pots. Cutlery and tables' chairs can be provided, though usually people buy grilled chicken to be enjoyed at home.
One person enough manpower to run this business. However, when crowded as the weekend the number of workers to be added. Grilled chicken businesses emerging to hire 2-3 employees.

- Promotion
Promotional efforts, among others, through the "hallmark" is always presented seller grilled chicken, ie chicken hanging in the window or wagon. Characteristic of this can directly provide information to people passing around a place of business on the types of food sold. The banner is also useful as a means of promotion. No less important, the smell of smoke that appears when baked chicken can be driving people to buy.

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