February 28, 2013

Stock Journal

Stock trading in the stock market is unstable, as beginners we require complete data on stocks traded. It is useful for the analysis of materials in making trading decisions that we do. These data we can get from the market itself and the online stock broker. In addition, we should make our stock trading journal. The stock market is changing all the time, therefore, to keep track of our stock trading, it would be easier if we have a journal. Every transaction we do we should write off or write down.

Journal of the stock has some benefit for us, for example:
1. Make it easy to track stocks that we trade.
2. As the material development frameworks trading stocks for us.
3. Materials reflection on trading stocks we have done.
4. As a matter of learning for us in the next stock trade.
All trading stocks we have done and the events that affect the stock price changes in the stock market online we noted in one document. Should also be equipped with charts and explanations.

Recording of stock trading that we post the document or in a journal called the stock does not have to be done every day, but the moment we only stock trading. Could be 2 to 3 times a week or whenever, we certainly every stock trade. In stock trading online we should have a picture or plans. Do not let us do online stock trading without a plan, it will have an unplanned trading can result in losses. There should be limits when buying and vice versa. As well as the strategy that we will pursue. There are more important things we need to consider, that we should not compare with others moments of online stock trading. This could lead to desires for the shares outside the plan. Our primary goal is to trade stocks benefit, therefore, to realize one's make stock journal.

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