February 18, 2013

Business Environment Risk

       Environmental Impact Evaluation and Treatment
Different types of businesses may have an impact on the environment, and can result in complex Iingkungan impact too, especially the business that has a reciprocal relationship with the physical environment or ecosystem. Thus noteworthy either maintenance, and efforts to establish harmonious mutual relations, especially between humans and the natural resource environment.

Of course, every field of business need to do physical activity during the operations. In order not to cause breach of the environment should remain focused business activities in accordance with applicable regulations, among others:
~ Its operations are planned to be fixed in accordance with provision that has been approved by the relevant government agencies.
~ The impact of ecosystem sustainability relationship harmony and balance between humans as users of natural resources with the environment, which provides a versatile resource that have limitations, either by type, quality and quantity.
~ Evaluation of environmental impacts will provide an overview for efforts to solve problems that may arise as a result of project activities.

The results of the evaluation of the environmental impact management is intended to:
~ It can be seen how much influence the impact will be generated in connection with the project activities will be planned.
~ Able to advise on the best ways to minimize the influence of the environmental impact if it is difficult or can not be avoided.
~ The magnitude of the environmental impact would be expected, so that preventive measures can be done as early as possible and to encourage the acceleration of activities

Furthermore, by controlling the way the results will be used in planning the next, as reference material or a guide in making operational phase as well as on stage kegiatanya management, namely:
~ Being able to provide information to the public as early as possible, whether they live around the area of ​​business, so it needs to be understood in general.
~ Being able to submit a response to the submission of suggestions for possible preventive atauusulan greater environmental impact than a result of business operations.
~ All this was then used as a means of giving an alarm or signal,
determine the weight of the most threatening environmental impact to the surrounding environment.

Thus, evaluation of environmental impact management will include the elements of the impact assessment, which describes the likelihood that would arise from such activities. Predicted impacts include the following alternative treatment, guidance toward solving the problem, preventing detrimental effects according to the level of intensity of events.

Given the status and activities of the business, it is necessary to identify separately the environment because every business is a natural environment that consists of the elements of nature and man in it. The relationship between the two will be very strong interaction and establish a system of ecological.

Likewise, the development of the business over, meaning there will be a change or addition of new activities that directly and indirectly affect the activity will contribute to the physical, social, economic and cultural community that is around.

For that we need an analysis of the negative impacts that may arise due to the activities that occurred, either directly or indirectly and in terms of physical, economic and social impacts are also cultural. Thus, it is of course necessary elements of the discussion of further impact assessment.

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