February 18, 2013

Business Risks

          In carrying out a development activity or enterprise development will certainly face some business risks that may affect the results of these efforts, if it is not anticipated and prepared as well as it could have been handling the business risk is a concern. Some of these are examples of business risks can be sourced from internal and external factors of a group of small business or the company.
- Internal Business Risk
In running any business enterprise or a group of small business, it takes a device to support the course of these efforts include the form of capital and personnel resources that are reliable as needed. It also includes standard regulations are needed rights obligations and employees, so that they can anticipate the possibility of misunderstanding between the management company and its employees

- External Risk Business

1. Buyer or Supplier Risk
In doing marketing, production should be more concentrated on the quality of service and always do activities to improve the quality and continuity of the potential buyers who have become our customers.

2. Risk Economy
These risk factors from outside our own business activities, such as caused by economic conditions, social and political local, national and international levels which may result in less well to the business world in general. Worsening economic conditions will also lead to decreased purchasing power of our products, as well as macro-economic conditions also enough to affect the volume of our business activities

3. Risk Technology Development
Advances in technology are now able to more rapidly assist the manager in terms of increasing the quality and quantity of production. In addition to production issues, the problem of supply timeliness and speed of service to give satisfaction to our customers. If the producers are less utilizing technological developments, it will indirectly affect the quality and quantity of production, which in turn would lose the competition in marketing.

4. Risk Termination of License
Licensing requirements is a matter that must be met by a group of medium-sized businesses and companies to do business.
This is related to the requirements that must be met by the employer in the operations and the protection of consumer rights. If the company violates the provisions in force then there is also the possibility of some or all of the company's business license may be suspended temporarily, or repealed so as to inhibit and lead to the cessation of production activities. This could happen if negligent in managing the licensing business.

5. Risk Business Competition
Every effort is certainly not free from competition with other businesses that move in the same plane. In this case each line of business should be to consider the issue of quality or standard of the product offered,
suppliers timeliness and level of the price offered in the market is a major factor

6. Risk and Regulation Changes in Government Policy
Every effort is related to consumers and producers that supply the needs of their business. In maintaining the relationship with the government to set regulations. Failure of the company in anticipation of the new rules regulations set by the government may also affect the implementation of production and marketing, which in turn could affect the company's performance and will ultimately affect the revenue, too.

7. Risk of Not Achieving Target Projection
If the projected production and reception are made not achieved, it will result to the company's ability to provide returns or refunds to investors and shareholders as well as the delay in paying off the loan obligations in accordance with the schedule.

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