February 21, 2013

7 Tips to photocopy business

1. Location
I think this is a critical component in the success of the business. As the marketing teacher, the most important thing in business is location.
Locations near a school, college, office location which I think is quite strategic.

2. Competition
Once we get the location, look at the competition. if too many copies sold around the site we choose, then our efforts will have a tough challenge. where we can not determine the price at will.

3. Photocopiers
Selection of a copy machine is also very important. For the election of a copy machine in my market really depends on who we later and what price will we market.

If our student customers, students, the quality may not be the primary, but the price should be reasonable. to get the price per share of production is cheap then reconditioned machine is the right choice for reconditioned photocopiers much cheaper.
for quality, analog machines have a lower quality d analog versus digital, but the machine is cheaper and easier to repair.

4. Consumable and spare part
The cheaper consumables (toner & paper) the greater our profit margins. To compete with others selling copies we have to be clever in getting Comsumable downs. paper we can use to display paper cutting. for we can use toner compatible toner should not be original.

Thing to remember is, do we sacrifice quality for price. kertasplano pieces sometimes very difficult and often drawn copy machine watchmaking.
While compatible toner drum does not like to make durable and damage the engine spare parts. To test that should be done one by one and see what happens.
For toner I've tried several types of toner, my choice fell on the eop. although a little more expensive, but the toner made my machines so durable. With the record we use ir5000 np6030.kalo I use original toner.

5. Supplies
Capital goods such as stationery and others are also very important in determining the profits our copy center. get these items from the main wholesale sperti d mango two or morning market. the more you buy, the cheaper the price. If you are a student or a student customer, brand stationery joyko or kenko is perfect, because the price is affordable.

6. Service
Various services that will make your copy center like a supermarket that sells a lot of stuff. The more complete your goods and services, smakin big advantage you get.

7. Quality
If you can not compete on price, then you need to compete in quality. in the modern era, many people who prefer quality rather than price. so you have a market that I think is not the least.

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