December 1, 2012

Successful Craft Business

                    Known as one of the countries that have quite a lot of potential for tourism, it provides benefits for the people of Indonesia. The spread some tourist places in Indonesia, not only improve the national economy, but also helped turn the craft industry in the vicinity.

Why is that? Because, without us knowing now that many domestic and foreign tourists who are interested in buying various kinds of souvenirs and handicrafts to serve as a souvenir. Habit is then made craft products in the country started to get a lot of requests so that the creative industries are growing rapidly and the market prospects are getting wide open. Surely you do not want to miss this opportunity does not it?

Therefore, to help beginners who intend to plunge to his craft business. Here we inform some business tips that you may run to win the competition in the craft sector.

The first issue, to compete with innovation. Although today's variety of handmade products we can find in the market, but as a craftsman should never tired to compete and create new innovation like never before. What is meant here is certainly not just innovation in terms of shape and size, but also pay attention to the quality of materials, marketing strategies implemented, and support craft unique packaging products to enhance the purchasing power of potential buyers.

The second issue, raise the potential around you to increase the selling of handicraft products.
Today many consumers are looking for local and international craft products distinctively special as a gift or a souvenir to their homes each. Usually, they prefer handmade products characterized as to serve as one of the memories when they visited the area. Therefore, begin to lift the local potential that exists around you to increase the sale value of your product. For now this craft product that describes an area more typical of consumer demand in the market.

The third issue, broaden horizons and network with fellow artisans joining the community. As a principal of business, you should not just focus on thinking about the problem of production, but also began to broaden your horizons, and build a business network for the smooth running craft business. In this case, you can join a community of fellow artisans at the local, regional, and national levels. By joining artisan community, surely you can share knowledge with peers, get updated information about the exhibition and bazaar schedule at home and abroad, and did not rule out an additional loan from the community to follow.

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