December 14, 2012

The Process of Stock Trading

1. where the shares traded?
Shares only traded on stock exchanges. Securities can not be purchased at the mall. These securities can be purchased on the company's financial capital and sekuritis with enough knowledge about the stock market plus identification cards. Come to a brokerage firm or securities. Gladly, they will serve you.

2. who is doing the trading?
That did the stock is any person who meets the requirements specified in the company's securities, submit a photocopy of the identity card, fill in the account opening, signature on the stamp, as well as the ability to obey the rules that have been set and receive all resio losses that may occur.

3. is traded?                          
This is an important question-before starting to trade stocks. To answer what is traded in the stock market, here's an explanation. Shares are bought and sold securities brokerage firm. Looks similar to a stock certificate.
In the stock, there is a collective share certificate number, the value of the authorized capital of the company, the nominal value of shares, name of the owner of the shares, and so on. This information is made known stocks of securities and made tradable.

4. when the trade takes place?
Shares are traded on the stock exchange on weekdays, between Monday to Friday.
Starting at 09:30 am - 4:00 pm, at 09.30 am, there was the opening price. Opening price is the price set by the buyer or the seller when the trade has just begun.
Opening price may be the market price. Trading hours ended at 04.00 pm and at that time there is a closing price which is the price demanded by the buyer and the seller at closing.

5. why is the stock traded?
Stocks traded, such as stocks go public. The shares were traded so that people can participate to have a role (capital) in large companies such (go public).

6. how the trading process?
When host Bobby can contact the broker who worked on the trading floor. Broker will provide purchase order slip and host Bobby will fill out a form with the name of stock, number of shares, and the asking price (bid price).
Sir Bobby must sign the purchase order slip. Broker immediately pass an order to buy Bobby hosts via the internet, telephone, and so on. Here's a little stock trading process.

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