December 2, 2012

Tips Business Stock

* First, treat the stock as people, not just to be understood from the book. But look at the people who manage the stock, there must be someone behind him like a (follower, players, market makers) and the characteristic of the individual, after that go into the analysis and tools that people use them.
* Second, do not easily believe the financial data, especially if you have not checked or not authorized by Bapepam. Indonesia is an example of emerging markets, and the main characteristics of this market. So, remain cautious and conservative.
* Third, you should start collecting blue chip stocks whose prices are down. Do not worry, because the time is not long, usually the price will be corrected and went straight up. restore the blue chip stocks usually average, good enough to hold in the long term.

* Fourth, you can also follow what the dealer. try playing a little online business example with fried stock. stock is usually not too much supply, so it can easily be set and determined the price. The characteristics of such a sizable share transaction volume and value up and down. Better be careful because of the popularity can be turned around quickly and use it if the money was left over.
* Fifth, Discipline. use upper and lower limits. For example, 44% above and below 6%. obey the rules and do not follow your emotions and passions.
if you dare to take risks, does not happen without a cut loss, unless you use margin, stock prices are relatively high, and when you go in, the price reverses direction.
* Sixth, persevere and do it seriously. Perform analysis and portfolio review periodically. I suggest to hold no more than 9 types of stocks only. Try to focus on a maximum of 3 shares and hold 1-2 stocks retained for one year. Human capabilities are limited, so it's good not to be too greedy.
* Seventh, studying global economic fundamentals and certain issuers that must be done. And it would be better if you also always follow the national news as well as the correlation observed movement in the stock.
* Eighth, always consider the unique characteristics of the stock. For example, there are usually around March-April rise in anticipation of the publication of the financial statements and dividends (sell). In contrast, in october-november as now, usually tends to fall as quiet, no news and activities.

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