December 14, 2012

Learning Business Stock

If you are seriously interested in the investment world, you also need to learn to share. Why? because the stock is one of the many popular types of investment because it promises a huge advantage.

What is a stock?
For those of you who want to learn to share, the stock is a sign of capital to a company statement. By having stock means that you have a claim against the income and assets of a company.
Investors buy stocks purpose is to profit from the company. Financier? categorized into two kinds of investors: investors and speculators.
Investors are people who buy shares in order to benefit from a company in the long term, while speculators are people who buy stocks for immediate resale when there are considered to be more favorable exchange rate.

Types of shares
Stock is the most powerful instrument traded on stock exchanges. For those of you who are learning shares, types of shares differentiate between common stock and preferred stock.
- Common stock, an equity ownership of business entities in the form of a limited liability company. Usually provide a guarantee to participate in profit sharing.
- Prefern shares are shares that have a combination of properties between bonds and common stock.

Form of shares
What about stocks? A sheet of paper stock is a piece of paper stating that the owner has the right to benefit a company, regardless of its portion.
Certainly has a share price.
The price can be divided into three:
- Face Price: The price listed in the stock certificates.
- Price premiere: the price at the time the share price was recorded on the stock exchange.
- Market price: sale price of a single investor with ivestor another.

Tips on learning to play the stock
- Before deciding to make a purchase of shares, you can ask for advice from people who have known this world, who can you trust. Do not ask for tips from people claiming to have experienced decades. You should check their credibility.
- You must have a good financial. It is advisable to have a reserve fund if at any time you would lose in this business.
- To buy stocks, you have to go through intermediaries blockers. Remember, do not believe it with a broker because some brokers do not care whether you will profit or loss. For them, the most important thing you do as many transactions as it relates to their commission. Ask for advice from acquaintances good broker who can be trusted.
- Avoid buying a stock just because you are fanatical about a particular brand or label, because you aim to make a profit, not bigotry.
- Avoid filtering information from media such as internet stocks, either email or forums unclear origin.. 

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