January 3, 2013

5 Customer Service The Unpopular

Sometimes as a customer, we see the businesses and salespeople (sales clerk) that provide less fun when serving its customers. Although it is arguably like a minor issue, but the impact turned out to be big enough. In fact, it could trigger a negative assessment of the consumer, so that not a few of them feel disappointed and thought better to shop at these places.

Then, about what services are less preferred by the customers?

To prevent your business from the mistakes that could disappoint the customer, we inform the following business marketing tips about 5 less favored customer service.
Being indifferent to the consumers who come.
The first mistake that is often made of the businesses and the sales clerk was indifferent to the customers who come into their stores. Even many of those who prefer a fun talk with co-workers without regard to the arrival of customers into their stores. This action of course is anathema to the customer, so it is not uncommon to make consumers reluctant to come back to the store. As entrepreneurs, surely you must appreciate the arrival of each customer and provide a warm welcome before finally meeting the needs they are looking for.
Providing services that are too long.
We can not deny if the service is too long to be one mistake businesses that do not favor the customer. Even some of the consumers who ultimately decide to leave your place of business, because they do not have much time to wait for the service of your store. Therefore as a salesperson, try to provide a fast and accurate service to your customers so that they feel satisfied with the services provided.
Expel consumers subtly, when the shop was about to close.
These conditions must we often encounter when shopping in supermarkets or shopping centers that have limited operational time during limited hours. Although you shop closing time has arrived, but you should not drive the consumer to be smooth (such as turning off the lights to start the store and the cash register). This action was not liked by the customers, because they consider only the operational business based on standard time, not on behalf of your commitment to meet the needs of consumers.
Putting aside the customer complaints.
Dealing with customer complaints must be one of the necessary labor risks you face as a trader. Therefore, you should never ever put aside complaints that they convey, or provide an alternative solution through a convoluted bureaucracy.
Therefore, such services will only increase the discontent of the customers that would be a negative impact as well for your business if they tell the problem to someone else.
Forgetting gratitude.
Although this sentence looks very light and easy to speak, but often the salespeople and entrepreneurs forget each serving its customers. In fact, gratitude can lead to positive ratings from consumers, so that they feel appreciated and do not hesitate to shop with you again.

Hopefully business marketing tips that we submitted this week could provide benefits to the reader, and taken into consideration for the businesses in serving customers.

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